Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Trying to come up with a design for your next tattoo? Have you thought about a lotus flower tattoo? If not then you might want to read this article and consider it. These tattoos are very hot and for good reason. They are a very flexible design and full of a rich and deep symbolism behind it. They work equally well for men and women and can be placed just about anywhere on the body you might want a tattoo.

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A Bouquet of Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Pictures

Many people like to have flower designs applied as tattoos to their body and a Hawaiian flower tattoo picture is one of the most popular images for this as it's a very beautiful flower. Because of the intense colors that are present in many flowers the tattoo artist sometimes needs to go over a design for a flower a few times with different colors of ink that can accentuate the colors in any flower tattoo.

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Flower Tattoos - The Many Meanings

With a larger acceptance of women getting tattooed, flower tattoos have risen in popularity. The wonderful thing about these tattoos is there are so many different types and colors of flowers, all with different meanings. Generically, the flowers can mean a few different things, while specific flowers like the lotus and rose can mean more specific things.

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Japanese Tattoo Art

Some question the artistic factor of Japanese tattoo art, but it is because they are looking at simple pieces such as symbols. Japanese tattoo art consists of so much more. As a matter of fact, there are some amazing designs that celebrities and other high profile individuals have paid a lot of money for.

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How to Find Amazing Japanese Tattoos

Let's talk about where you can find Japanese Tattoos. Japanese tattoos are not very hard thing to find on the internet. I bet that you can spend less than five minutes doing a quick search on Google and find thousands of Japanese Tattoos. That's not the tough part though. The main problem most girls and guys have is that all they seem to run into are broad, low end pictures that are not worth the time to print out. One why around this is to do this, especially if you are using a Google search to find your Japanese tattoos.

Now do not take this the wrong way I love to use search engines but they are not just great for everything you are looking for. It's just that they pack with sub-par Japanese tattoos and tattoo artwork. I even tried it myself. No matter which styles of Japanese tattoos I was looking for, it was the same broad, low end galleries that rear their ugly heads. They were just loaded with nothing but run of the mill Japanese tattoos that aren't worth the time.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Japanese Tattoos

Unlike the Chinese people, the Japanese people are currently very big on tattoos, but that was not always the case. In fact, for a brief time near the end of WW II, getting or giving a tattoo in Japan was actually illegal. The end of the war brought an end to that crime as well.

The alphabetic characters that appear in many Japanese tattoos are called Kanji. These characters, alone or in combination with others, can display a whole range of human emotions, thoughts, proverbs and poetry.

In addition to the calligraphic-like Kanji characters, there are many different animal, spiritual and nature-oriented symbols and images that make their way onto people's body parts in the form of a Japanese tattoo.

Irezumi, one of the more traditional Japanese tattoo styles depict dragons, koi and other symbols of Japanese culture and lifestyle. These types of Japanese tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with women who are having these sometimes intricate tattoo designs placed on their hips, back, ankles and arms. Even an occasional breast dragon has been spotted in the wild or during a wet T-shirt contest at some spring break bar in Florida or Mexico.

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